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Hollywood brow lift is a procedure combination of eyebrow wax/shaping and brow lift. It is the #1 eyebrow service in Japan. It is similar to brow lamination but the application is more gentle for the skin and this will leave your eyebrows nicely shaped, lifted, more full, and defined with a sleek appearance. I love this HBL because all you need is a brush to set your eyebrows to your desired style! This typically lasts for 3weeks – 1month and a half.

The first time takes about 90 minutes so that I can correctly assess your eyebrows and recommended the best approach for your specific needs.

This is perfect for..

*Sparse or thin eyebrows: HBL can help create the appearance of fuller brows by setting the hairs in more upright position.

*Unruly or curly eyebrows: if your hairs grow in different directions or hard to manage, HBL can help tame them and provide a neater appearance.

*Asymmetrical eyebrows: HBL can aid in achieving more symmetrical eyebrows by shaping and setting the hairs uniformly.

*Those looking for a low-maintenance solution: HBL offers a semi-permanent result, which means you won’t need to spend as much time styling or filling in your eyebrows daily.

I recommend to use Brow gel during the day for long lasting result.

My favorite Brow gel 

#1 Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze  

#2 NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler


-Check box Before booking-

*Wait at least 1 month after perminant makeup done, 1week after colored or bleached eyebrows

*Grow out your eyebrows before your appointment day (about 7mm)

*Please inform me if you use any peeling skincare product or products to cause sensitivity to the skin before booking

Book your appointment via … 

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First time/Student $50  

Regular price $70

Located in Okinawa city